New York Shopping

Planning to indulge in some serious retail therapy whilst vacationing in New York? Then head to the city’s best department stores, flea markets and shopping streets, and come discover why some call New York Shopping a shopping Nirvana.

Best New York Department Stores

Macy’s is more like a day-trip destination than a simple department store. The largest store of its kind in the world is not unlike the Bermuda Triangle; it’s been known to make people disappear into thin air, sometimes for days! Located in the Garment District, just a few blocks south of Times Square, Macy’s is an experience not to be missed, for crowd-surfing value alone. Macy’s is the place to head to if the airline misplaced your luggage, or if you simply forgot to pack. After a single hour here we got the impression that if Macy’s doesn’t sell it, it probably hasn’t been invented yet.

New York ShoppingSaks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s are super-trendy clothing and accessories emporiums, and both are ideal if you need to stock up on famous cosmetic products as well. They boast top-notch in-house eateries and fantastic cafes gifting brilliant city views, and both are renowned for their impeccable customer service. Well, at these prices…they’d want to! If traveling here at Christmas time, make sure you check out the amazing window displays of these two world class department stores.

Bloomingdale’s is yet another shopping institution in New York, and one fit for us mere mortals. Bloomies, as the locals call it, is a one-stop-shop wonderland for designer gear, yet also offers a myriad of lesser-known (ie. cheaper) branded clothing, jewellery and accessories. The post-Christmas sales here are said to be the best in the city.

Best New York Flea Markets

The Brooklyn Flea Market  is a brilliant place to spend a whole Saturday or Sunday exploring. The market is staged outdoors between April and November, and moves under cover during the cold winter months. There are hundreds of stalls selling everything from hippy vintage clothing, to old records, antiques, knick-knacks and quite a lot of totally useless fun-stuff! While you’re in Brooklyn, don’t forget to check out Artists and Fleas, a conglomerate of the city’s most exciting up-and-coming artists. This is the place to grab a bargain on locally made arts and crafts.

For an incredibly comprehensive flea-market experience, head to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market near Times Square. The splendid location, set up and gear on sale have New York Shopping helped make this the most loved market of all. National Geographic has included this in its list of ‘world’s best shopping streets’, and we can’t help but agree; not only are the stalls treasure troves of quality antiques and collectables, but the sheer number of visitors makes this feel like a festival every single week.


Best New York Shopping Strips

Well versed and equally well paid visitors will know to head to 5th Avenue, Maddison Avenue and SoHo to peruse beautiful boutiques and stock up on designer gear; but there are also less-known hubs which offer a much more rounded shopping experience.

If you fancy a bit of a hippie-splurge, then head to Orchard St on the Lowest East Side, where you’ll find edgy gear, sex shops, candy stores and a myriad of off-beat retailers. Bleecker St, on the other hand, offers a different diversion and is chock-full of trendy shops, antique stores, book stalls and quite a few souvenir shops as well. This tree-lined avenue is also home to some designer boutiques, so we dare say this is the best-rounded shopping street in New York.


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