Best Thailand Apps

The number of mobile phone apps now available for Thailand has turned the country from a logistical nightmare into the easiest country to travel in the whole of southeast Asia. Navigation apps, transport apps, language apps, nightlife apps. They are cheap, often free, save on luggage, and contain 10 times more information than any guidebook on Thailand could ever hope to hold. And for those counting the cost of using your phone abroad, don’t worry – you can access most Thai apps offline.

Thai Navigation Apps

Thai GPS $29.95

Whether you go on bike, car or foot, the Thai GPS will help you navigate the roads and streets of most major cities and towns in the country. At $29.99, it is unusually expensive for an app, but then it can afford to be – Thai GPS one of the few reliable navigation systems for Thailand available. Features include 2d and 3d navigation modes and offline and online search.


Thai News Apps

Nation News Free

With Nation News you can catch up with all the latest political and business news throughout Thailand and the rest of South East Asia. In theory it is a 4 in 1 service, meaning you can choose to read from 4 titles, but the other 3 titles – OK Nation, Kon Chad Luek and Krungthep Trukaji – are all in Thai. Still you can’t complain when you are paying nothing and it is the only Thai news app available in English.


Thai Language Apps

Speak Thai Sanuk $2.99

Thai Sanuk App

The Sanuk Language app not only has 586 words and phrases in 15 categories, including greetings, shopping, entertainment and time, but understands that pronunciation (i.e the 5 tones) is, for westerners, the hardest part of learning the language. Unlike some other apps, which are often no more than just dictionaries, you can play an audio for each phrase. It also includes phonetic transliteration.


General Thailand Guide Apps

True Move Thailand Guide $9.99

If you have ever spent time wandering around in 100 degree weather looking for a restaurant or an Internet cafe or even just an ATM, you will appreciate just what a lifesaver this guide is. As well as providing information on all the tourist attractions in an area, True Move also provides information on all the nearby gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, Internet cafes and convenience stores. Best of all True Move, a Thai company, updates the app daily.


Thai Nightlife Apps

Thailand Nightlife Agogo $2.99

The Thailand Nightlife Agogo dedicates 200 pages to the nightlife of all Thailand major tourists hotspots including Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. And they are certainly not shy to tell you how it is. If you want to know about the dos and don’ts of the red-light districts, for example, they will tell you in a matter of fact way that many guides would avoid. Their policy seems to be if people are going to go to these places they should know exactly what they are getting themselves into. They also provide information on all the best restaurants, cafes and clubs.


Thai Transport App

Timetable Asia/Thailand Free

Though the Thai transport system is relatively straight forward, you will still need to understand its quirks and eccentricities before you can start using it like a native. If you are only in the country a few weeks that will mean you will need some help. With 20 bus companies, the entire Bangkok transport system all the Thai airports in their database the Timetable Asia/Thailand is the perfect starting point.


Attraction Apps

Trip Advisor Mobile Free

Trip Advisor Mobile is an extension of the trip advisor website that lists 100 of millions of reviews of restaurants, cafes and hotels from around the world. Indispensable.


Three More Great Apps for your trip

Green Tourism Thailand Free

From the farming villages in Isan to the less touristic beaches in the southern regions, this app, powered by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, promotes green tourism throughout the country.


Mappa Free

Mappa has a selection of offline maps for all of Thailand’s tourist towns and cities.


Siam Weather Free

Thai weather is unpredictable and, at times, dangerous. For example during the rainy season the center of Bangkok can suffer major floods. This weather map needs data connection, but it will tell you the predicted weather conditions in the northern, eastern, southern and central regions of the country.


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