Stockholm Nightlife Guide

Stockholm may not be preceded by a fervent reputation for being a party-animal hub, yet even though Swedes may not be into pulling all-nighters and hamstrings striding across club bartops, it does not mean they are not sociable and fun. Going out drinking, mingling and dancing is as popular here as in most other cities and finding a great place to hang out for a few hours at night is never hard here, no matter what mood you’re in.

Go on an epic pub crawl, freeze your nuts off at a über-cool bar or rub shoulders with the city’s elite at one of Stockholm’s flashiest nightclubs. Whatever you do however, don’t make the foolish mistake of thinking you can out-drink a Swede.

You’re never gonna win that bet.

Best pub crawl

There’s nothing better than being introduced to the nightlife of a new city by a fun, friendly and knowledgeable local. If you don’t happen to have a friend or friend’s friend in Stockholm, you could always pay just a little bit of money to guarantee an exhilarating party night in Sweden’s capital.

Stockholm Pub Crawl has secured a great reputation thanks to their amazing value (just £20 per person!), fab inclusions life free club entry (which can be upwards of £15) and free drinks, and one of the best itineraries in the city. Crawls start in the Old Town Centre at about 7pm and are always full of energetic visitors looking for new friends and a jolly good time.

This is a particularly great option for solo travellers or anyone who wants to go out and have a blast but is intimidated by new surroundings.

Best high-class party hub: Stureplan

Between Ostermalm and the city centre is where you’ll find Stureplan, a sort of massive square which connects some of the major roads in the capital. Among the high-rise office buildings and prominent commercial hubs, lie some of the most exclusive restaurants and clubs in Stockholm.

This posh area is possibly the most expensive party corner, so expect to pay entrance fees for the more popular clubs and exorbitant prices for your sparkling refreshments. Stockholm’s fashion police is out in force here, so do dress the part if you don’t want to run the risk of not being allowed in. Do remember to bring ID along for the ride and note that you won’t be allowed to buy alcohol if under 20.

On a really cool note, this is the playground of the rich, famous and royal so if it’s a spot of high-end people and star-spotting you’d like…the prices may just be worth your while!

Stockholm Stureplan

Best Nightclub: Club Kharma

The hippest nightclub in the city claims to attract the largest crowds and, if you happen to score a spot here on a balmy summer Saturday night, you’d find it hard to argue. The decor is rather cool and minimalist, with just a hint of Asian spice, the crowd local, swanky and young, and both the music and drinks on offer certainly passable.

Having said all this…Kharma is very much a local, hip joint which attracts 20 year olds in designer gear; which is all fine and good, especially if you happen to be a GUCCI obsessed 20-year-old.

Best Live Music Venue: Jazzpuben

Gamla Stan is home to one of Stockholm’s best live music joints in town: Jazzpuben . While it’s advertised as a jazz bar, there’s plenty of blues, rock and even salsa tunes played here, and Jazzpuben boasts an especially varied selection on week-ends. Between the open-mic nights, dance parties and imported gigs, this place is as eclectic and all-encompassing as the crowds it attracts. Check out the website for details of upcoming gigs and opening hours.

Stockholm Stampen

Most Famous Bar: IceBar

If you’re travelling to Stockholm in summer and are starting to wish you’d gone to an even cooler place, don’t fret! Step into the perennially freezing Icebar Stockholm and come check out one of the most famous and fun bars in town. More renowned for its novelty factor rather than the value for money or quality cocktails, Icebar is nonetheless a great place to visit and a unique Stockholm experience. Everything but the floor is made up of ice, which makes it one of the most photogenic indoor spaces in Stcokholm. Although you’ll be given some woolly coats and gloves, sitting around on ice stools sipping chilly cocktails at -5 degrees Celsius, will see you start to shiver in about an hour so don’t expect to last too long!

Icebar is quite small so bookings are essential.

ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL STHLM, Nordic Light Hotel / Nordic Sea Hotel.



Stockholm Pub, Solis Invicti via Flickr

Stureplan Square via wiki

Icebar Stockholm


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