Berlin Apps

As the ‘start up’ capital of Europe, Berlin is developing some of the world’s sleekest, and yes, geekiest apps. Some of them such as that one where you can pretend to drink German beer from inside your phone are of course no more than fun gimmicks. Others such as the following apps on transport, news and navigation can provide you with tips, advice and other practical insights from all those Berliners and fans of Berlin in the know to make your trip extra good.

Berlin Navigation Apps

iBerlin GPS $4.99

iberlin gpsAs well as a navigation tool, Berlin GPS has a wide range of features including bus and train information, anointed maps and games. Of course, by car, bike or foot, it will also show how get to all the citie’s restaurants, coffee shops, sporting events, clubs and attractions.


Berlin News Apps

Berlin News Free

To keep up to date with the latest happenings in Berlin you can download the Berlin City News app. Among the news feeds are police and press updates and stories from the dailies BZ and Tagesspiele. Though the website is in German it does have an English version of the app available.


German Language Apps

iStart German $4.99

According to one review iStart German has developed a better system for learning languages than the famed Rosetta Stone programs (apparently the language program the US army uses). It includes 20 lessons, audio pronunciation, flash cards and quizzes. When you take into account that most language books cost over $20 and the Rosetta Stone programs more than 3 times that again, $4.99 starts to sound like quite a bargain.


Guide Book Apps

Black Book Free

berlin blackbook appIf you think that the Black Book sounds like a guide to the city’s numerous sex and fetish hot spots then you needn’t worry; the Black Book is an extensive guide, for both kids and adults, to the city’s hotels, spas, salons, clubs and shops. As a bonus they give you electronic coupons for discounts and VIP entrances. Just walk up to the security, flash your phone and walk straight in. Honestly, its that simple.


Berlin Attractions

Cool Berlin Free

App store editors named Cool Berlin, an app fully usable offline, as one of the best apps of 2012. And one can see why. Focusing on art, architecture and design, its extensive database provides information only those places popular with the locals and fans of the city. In fact every place you will find on this app is a place that someone has identified as one of their personal favorite places to visit.


Berlin Transport Apps

Fahrinfo Free

With 24 hour bus and trains during the week and a 24 hour train service during the weekend you can get anywhere in Berlin at anytime during the day or night. The only problem with such an extensive transport system is the best route to take. This free app solves that problem by showing you the quickest way to your destination at any particular time of the day. Its easy just type in the area or attraction you want to go to and it will load the three next best connections.


Three other Cool Berlin Apps

Berlin Free Wifi Free

There are plenty of apps that one can use to find wifi hotspots in Berlin, but there are not many like this that you can use offline. Even if the 3 g or 4 g on your phone is kaput and you are desperate to use the Internet, you can type in your location and the app will still list all the wifi cafes and restaurants nearest to you.


Urban Art Guide Free

Berlin Urban Art Guide AppThis app does what many thought was impossible: It locates all of the paintings, stencils, paste ups and stickers put up by Berlin’s seemingly endless pool of street artists. And how does it do it? As well as having its own extensive database, it relies on its customers to email them with the location of any new pieces that they find. But surely these pieces will be taken down in no time.? Well apps like this have made Berlin’s street art scene such a tourist attraction that it is now almost seen as a crime to take them down.


Dakara Berlin Free

All the travel apps for Dakara studios are rated at 4 stars or higher. Their Berlin app for example is rated at 4 ½, which in theory makes it the best app to find out all the best attractions in the city. If that description sounds over simplified then you should know that this company builds its popularity on simple yet effective applications.


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