Paris: The 3 Most Decadent Treats on Offer

Spending a wonderful holiday in Paris is certainly decadent enough, but adding a little luxurious fun is bound to make it a most memorable one indeed. While some travelers seem to spend most of their vacation time watching the pennies, some (like yours truly) actually do the complete opposite. Considering we tend to watch our expenses on a daily basis back home, not doing it whilst away on holiday makes a lot more sense. We work hard and save hard, so we like to play hard too!

Although you may not need much help in coming up with 101 ways to blow the holiday budget in just a single day in Paris, we have compiled a nifty guide to the top 3 most unbelievably decadent things to do in the French Capital. Because you’re worth it!

Afternoon High Tea

While it may be true that afternoon high-tea is more of an English experience, enjoying it in one of Paris’ most luxurious hotels is nevertheless as decadently French as can be. The Four Seasons George V Hotel is something out of a grand old movie, the palace boasting opulent furnishings, impeccable service and an almost royal atmosphere. The afternoon tea served in La Galerie is nothing short of spectacular, and includes an array of simply divine pastries and scrumptious scones served alongside a wide selection of premium teas, or a glass of head-spinning French bubbly if you prefer! The atmosphere is romantic and very old-school, and the serenading pianist is an infinitely classy touch.

afternoon tea

Yes, yes, you may need to take a second mortgage on your house to pay for tea, but really….this kind of decadent joy is worth risking holiday-bankruptcy. If you’re not a guest at the hotel, you won’t be able to reserve a table, so head here at about 3pm and join the swooning queue.

Full Body Pampering Session

Nothing like a decadent spa session to revitalize the body and rejuvenate the soul; or so the theory goes. For a truly luxurious experience, test out the theory for yourself at one Paris’ most revered spas: the Les Bains du Marais, a heavenly oasis right in the middle of the busy Parisian arrondissement. While most 5* hotels in the French Capital boast incredibly chic health and beauty spas, Les Bains sets itself apart as an extremely elegant oriental-style temple, something which is still rather hard to find in Europe.


From wonderful facials, to full body scrubs and the most relaxing massages you’ll ever have, this spa offers an extensive list of pamper treatments for your whole body. The spa and in-house hamam are an exceptional bonus, and certainly what could keep you here long after your treatment is over. For an extremely delicious scrub, we highly recommend you include a ‘gommage’ to your hamam visit; it will exhilarate your soul!

Poof…who could have imagined holidaying in Paris would be such hard work?!


Take a Hot-Air Balloon Ride

When it comes to an over-the-top unforgettable treat, a hot-air balloon ride is pretty hard to beat. The exhilarating adrenalin rush of lifting off the ground, aboard a wicker basket, is truly exceptional, as is the serenity which comes from floating above tree tops in complete and utter stillness. Enjoying such an experience above the Parisian sprawling countryside is an absolute must for anyone who’s looking for that special splurge whilst on vacation. Book your sunrise flight with Aerfun one of the most respected balloon companies in France. To reach the airfield in Dourdan (about 60km south of Paris) you can either organize a private transfer through Aerfun (at an extra cost), or you can simply catch a train from Paris, and be picked up outside the station in Dourdan by your pilot.


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Four Seasons George V Hotel
Les Bains du Marais
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