Best Adrenalin-Packed Activities in London

It may come as a surprise to some, but London can be an adrenalin-junky’s ideal holiday destination, and we don’t just mean for those who want to bungee-jump into the shops at sales time. From high-speed, to high-heights and even higher heights, the Capital offers some top-notch ways to scare the living daylights out of you and your travelling companions; so if you’re after more than the average head-rush when on vacation in London, don’t miss trying our very favourite adrenalin-packed activities.
skydiveFind a good plane…then jump out of it!

There’s no better way to add thrills to your London vacation then by jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet. The guys at GoSkydive organize tandem jumps from their airfield in South-West London, merely an hour out of the city centre. An exhilarating jump costs £250, but can be cheaper if you can convince another lunatic to come along as well. When it comes to adrenalin rushes, nothing beats falling at breakneck speed! Just remember to scream on the inside when you first jump, and keep your mouth firmly shut to prevent air from filling your lungs…at that speed, expelling it out again can be challenging! Make a day of it and book your flight on a Sunday, when the in-house restaurant cooks up a wicked full English roast lunch.

o2Climb to the top of the world

Or you could just climb to the top of the O2 Arena!

The O2 Arena met with some raised local eyebrows when it was first unveiled as the home of the underwhelming Millennium Exhibition, most residents believed that once the exhibition was over, it would become an unused and embarrassing White Elephant. Don’t think so! We guess not many could’ve envisaged the former Millennium Dome would soon become one of the city’s best attractions. Not only does it play host to fantastic concerts and sporting tournaments, but the O2 arena now offers a fantastic, adrenalin-pumping walk on its roof.

The climb lasts an hour and a half, and is suitable for even the most ardent couch potato, although vertigo sufferers may find it a bit of a challenge. The walk is fun and the views at the top are utterly amazing. Pick a nice clear day, and you’ll get a 360 degree vista of London and surroundings from a height of about 54 meters. What we particularly love about this climb is that unlike many other top-of-landmarks climbs (take Sydney’s Harbour Bridge), you actually get to walk around unclipped from your safety harness once you are on the top viewing platform. The whole climb is extremely safe and, with prices ranging between £22 and £35 (depending on the month and time of day), it is fantastic value for money. Our only bone of contention here is the rather unattractive climbing suit. ..

Get up close and personal with sharks

sharkIt may seem an incredibly odd thing to do when visiting London, this kind of activity more suited to the coral reefs of the Atlantic; but London’s SeaLife Aquarium has recently opened a new shark encounter which offers the chance to get as close to a shark as possible, without getting neither wet nor eaten. While we’re not normally huge fans of overcrowded city aquariums, we do like this one in particular, because its aim is to dispel a lot of myths and misconceptions about sharks. Like the one about being eaten for example. (FYI: always keep in mind that you are 10 times more likely to die from a lightning strike than from a shark attack!)  Nevertheless, many people fear these misunderstood teddy bears of the sea; getting close to over a dozen different specimens and learning more about them and their environment is infinitely cool; anywhere, anytime.  At SeaLife you can snorkel next to them if you like, or simply descend a brilliant glass tunnel and have them swim all around you.

bondChannel your inner James Bond

There’s no point denying it: every man on earth has, at some stage, fantasized about zooming along the Thames on a super-fast speed boat a la 007. It’s OK…you’re not the only one.

The Thames James Bond RIB Experience is rated as London’s numero uno adrenalin rush and certainly something no speed or Bond junky should miss. This fun and hilarious outing is all about the speed, the rush and the laughs…not so much the landmarks which seem to zoom past you in a whiff! Bridge? What bridge?

While there are normal speedboat rides on offer, the Bond one is particularly exciting, mostly because you have the movie soundtrack blaring from a very powerful PA system. Splurge a little and make this a top priority, it’s a blast.


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