There are Zombies in Brighton!

Once a year the streets of Brighton are filled with blood, gore and the undead. Beach of the Dead is the annual Zombie march through the streets of Brighton at the end of October, or beginning of November. Anyone can join in, even those with a pulse! Participants just needs to dress up as a Zombie and make there way to the start point, normally close to the station and follow the route through the city’s streets to the beach, following the Zombie code as they go.

The first parade was in 2007 and each year the event gets bigger and badder with costumes getting more creative and outrageous. It’s open to all ages (although some of the costumes may scare very young children), and it’s run in conjunction with the local council and Police There are also professional stewards on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. Rain or shine it is a great day out, there’s also some Zombie bands on hand to get everyone dancing.

Personally I wouldn’t miss it even if I was dead. More information is available from the official site Here

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