A Day Out at the Seven Sisters Park in Sussex

The seven sisters country park is over 280 hectares of rolling countryside in East Sussex on the south downs between Seaford and Eastbourne. It’s backed by the stunning Cuckmere River Valley, and the highlight is the brilliant white undulating cliffs of the sisters. There’s 7 of them! Although an eighth is slowly being formed from erosion, so don’t get too close to the edge!

My favourite walk is to park in the car park just east of Cuckmere Haven, and go west to east along the path to the tiny hamlet of Burling Gap. You can reward yourself with a drink and a bite to eat there at the pub / Café in the hotel. Then either walk back, or head onto the Belle Tout lighthouse at the top of the next next hill on the chalky headland known as Beachy Head.

Belle Tout is often called Britain’s ‘most famous inhabited light house’. The lighthouse was moved in 1999 to save it from the eroding cliffs and then bought in 2008 turned into a bed and breakfast at a cost of £500 000, with a further £700 000 being spent on restoration. Check the website Here if you fancy staying in one of the most unique settings in the country.

The park also offers canoeing, birdwatching and cycling, as well as a camp site.

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