Kravice Falls

If Bosnia is one of Europe’s hidden treasures, then Kravice Falls would have to be the most hidden-hidden treasure of all. Bosnia’s revered natural attractions is so close to Mostar, you’d be nuts not to visit them during your stay! Only word of warning is that they may be a tad tedious to get to, especially when you consider that some call it Kravice, others call it Kravica, some locals don’t even know what you’re talking about and (the biggest travesty of all), google has no decent Bosnian maps to speak of! Outrageous!

Anyway, let us tell you all about this heavenly spot and then we’ll help you get there too.

Kravice Falls are the ace up Bosnia’s sleeve; a truly spectacular natural attraction and, until now, one of the least-heard of wonders in Europe. The falls are 28 metres high, made of over a dozen gushing springs, span over 120 metres in a lovely semi-circle and, at the highest water peak, can churn out an insane amount of water. Visit in spring, especially after a rainy week, and you can see them at their glorious best.

First view of the falls

First view of the falls

The best part about the Kravice falls is that even though they are incredibly impressive (imagine a miniature version of Brazil’s Iguazu Falls) the area is still void of any mass-tourism infrastructure. There’s an ample car park and café’ at the entry to the park and a lovely boardwalk which takes you all the way down to the base of the falls, where you can swim, sun bake, picnic and even pitch a tent for the night if you’re so equipped.


The waters are freezing all year round (about 8 degrees Celsius), but a swim or a rope-swing dive should definitely not be missed, nipple-freeze notwithstanding! There’s also a cool little bar down by the water’s edge where you can grab a coffee or nibbly, however it is only open during the height of summer, so bring your own supplies if visiting at any other time. Don’t worry if you happen to visit during the drier months, the falls may not be as WOWing as when they’re in full thrust, but at least you’ll be able to swim right under them, which would be incredibly stunning indeed.


Kravice may be an unspoilt natural haven, yet ferocious building works around the car park during our visit hint at an equally ferocious forthcoming tourist boom, so we do suggest you book your Bosnia trip just as soon as you’ve finished reading this guide, if not sooner.

How to get there…

The falls are nestled in a natural reserve about 40kms south-west of Mostar. The best way to get there is actually by rental car from Mostar, even though you’ll find plenty of tour agencies in town who organize day trips for groups. The point here is that to actually enjoy the falls, it helps if you’re not led by a guide and followed by 24 other tourists at the same time! So, once you’ve got your wheels, head south-west out of Mostar following signs towards Krusevo and follow the road all the way to Ljubuski, where you’ll turn left towards Studenci. About 10kms from the turn you’ll see a brown sign pointing to a left side road advertising Kravice Falls. The road ends after about 3kms, right at the car park.

If you’d like some independence but don’t fancy driving yourself (you really should, the roads are perfectly fine and the scenery superb!) consider making a deal with a taxi driver in Mostar for the day. Polish your bargaining skills and you could score a full-day escorted drive to Kravice (plus waiting time & return drive) for about 50 Euros (or 100 KM). Day-trips from Dubrovnik and Sarajevo are very popular yet they all tend to arrive at the falls after lunch so, if you do go it alone, head there first thing in the morning and you can have the whole sublime place to yourself.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the helpful information you have posted. I was wondering, would it be possible for you to send me a google maps link with the location of the Kravice Falls pinpointed on there? I am having a very hard time trying to find the exact location on the maps, as Google does not recognize the location.

  2. Kelly Mertens says:


    We would like to go to Bosnia in September 2016. You say it’s getting really touristic there? Which year did you go there?
    We would like to go camping at the Kravice falls for one day. Do you know if you have to pay if you want to put your tent there?

    Thank you !

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  3. gabriela cruz says:


    I am going there by car but I would like to know if the entrance to the waterfalls is free of charge.
    Thank you


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