Despite the international ban on Whaling, countries such as Japan, Norway and Iceland still Whale, using the guise of hunting them for scientific research. It’s a loop hole that is allowing them to get round the ban, and although there is little doubt that the whales are not really being hunted for science, no country will officially try to prevent the whaling.

This film is the story of Paul Watson and his crew of 46 aboard Farley Mowat, the Sea Shepherd International ship, as they try to stop a Japanese whaling fleet in the icy waters of the Antartic. The crew are under-trained and the expedition is under-equiped; so The cat and mouse game that plays out requires all their ingenuity to come up with a set of tactics and maneuvers to stop the Japanese. Whilst the Farley Mowat flies the skull and Crossbones flag as the pursue the Japanese, the expedition sometimes seem a little more like the Keystone cops then Blackbeard, especially when they realise they’ve lost one of their Zodiac boats and 2 crew members. However, it is a compelling film, and the compassion, belief and bravery of the crew really comes through, and Dan Stones film raises more attention on this important issue so hopefully a foolproof solution can be found.

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